Aerosol Products

Our maintenance aerosols have been developed over many years to conform to all current legislation. Proven to improve performance in many different departments.

Polish and silicon sprays have a higher formulation than some retail brands offering better value .

We can provide aerosols for all jobs from penetrating oil or lithium grease for lubricating to galvanising spray or paint to finish the job.

You won’t be disappointed with their quality and performance.

  • Alcohol Hand and Surface Sanitiser
  • Air Freshener - BLAST Sanitising Air Freshener
  • Antistatic
  • Barrier Cream - Skin Safe
  • Battery Guard
  • Belt Dressing
  • Brake Cleaner - Brakesol
  • Carb Cleaner
  • Chain Lubes - Cable Slip, Chain & Bearing, Strongarm
  • Cutting and Tapping Fluid - Coolcut, Extreme Pressure Lube
  • DryLube (Moly) - Dry-Slip
  • Dewatering Fluid - MS80
  • Electrical Solvent Cleaner - Tronic
  • Foam Cleaner - Zoom
  • Food Safe Lube
  • Galvacote
  • General Purpose Lubricant - G P Lube
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser - Esol
  • Leak Detector
  • Line Marker
  • Lithium Grease - LSG400
  • Open Gear Lube - Strongarm
  • Penetrating Oil - Zip
  • Polish - High Wax Polish
  • PTFE Spray - Teflube
  • Rustguard Wax
  • Silicone Spray - Mattsil
  • Switchcleaner/Lube
  • VDU Cleaner

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