Protective Coatings & Repair Packs

We have some great repair packs available, with Epoxy Putty for plugging holes and Epoxy Resin, our own ‘Matramortar’ for use when installing new machines or repairing floors.

To finish, use our locally manufactured Epoxy Floor Paint, Eurothane Paint or Solvent Free Floor Paints to keep on top of good housekeeping within your Company.

Why not spruce the place up? Every type of paint is available for delivery.

  • Ankor range of Dewatering and Corrosion Prevention Fluids for short/long term protection
  • Concrete Clear Floor Seal
  • Concrete Floor Paint - Polyeurothane base / choice of colours
  • Epoxy Floor Paint
  • Line Marking Paint - bulk/aerosol
  • Machine Paint
  • Gloss Paint / Undercoat & Emulsion Varnish etc
  • Bitumen-based and Chlorinated Rubber Roof Seal
  • Concrete Epoxy Repair Packs
  • Epoxy Putty (Tubes) repairs metal, glass, wood and plastic etc (cures underwater)
  • Metallised Floor Polish/Seal
  • Aerosol Paint - various colours
  • Paint Pens for marking steel

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